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What Is Your Most Expensive Purchase?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

What is the most expensive thing you buy in your life?

Is it your car? $20,000-$60,000

Is it your house? $100,000-$500,000

Is it something else you may have not considered even?

For many people it is their investment advice.

If you look at the analysis of retirement fees done by Nerd Wallet, you will find that paying a 1% fee can cost you up to $590,000 over a 40 year investing life!

And you might not even notice because often fees are taken out of your account before you ever see that money.

This is only considering continuing yearly management fees.

This does not take into consideration loads, up front or withdrawal fees, that many investors pay without even knowing it. Front loads are usually 5.75% while withdrawal loads are often 1%. So when investing $10,000 in a year, you might only be investing $9,425 in that year while the fund is taking $575 just for you being in the fund! This is before any expense ratio they charge you. If a fund is charging a load it is also likely charging a high expense ratio, usually over 1%. This is all often before your “advisor” is taking his 1% also! So you see that fees are often hidden and often high!

This is why you should consider seeking the advice of a fiduciary investment advisor. I am a unbiased 3rd party. I don’t hold any of your money myself. I don’t get paid to put any of your money in specific investments that I receive a “kickback” from. As a fiduciary my goal is to have you keep as much of your money as possible. I will not charge you unnecessary fees. I charge you for advice as it’s given. I do not continue charging you after I’ve given the advice.

My goals is to remove people’s investments from high fee investments or whole life insurance and move them to passive management in index funds quickly, saving you thousands in fees.

My secondary goal is to educate people on how to maintain their new investing freedom themselves if they want or with continued guidance from myself, but in a way that charges you a minimum and keeps more of your money in your accounts.

Contact me via email or phone 715-820-0377 if you’d like to review your current investments and see how you can lower your investing costs and keep more of your own money.

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